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First Responders

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Purpose: This group is established to help Alamo Country Club neighbors in need during stressful times.

(Available November-March)

Meetings are held at 09:30 am on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (Nov-March) in the View Room unless it is in conflict with ACC Board Planning meeting, in which case we usually meet either the week before or after depending on room availablity.
Public Safety Officials Recommended Dialing 911 for all Emergencies    
ACC First Responders is a dedicated group of volunteers with a willingness to help a neighbor in need during what can be a very stressful set of circumstances.  Once residents have notified 911 and Security of their situation, we respond to aid in rendering appropriate medical care along with assisting EMS in locating the residence. Additionally, we help provide for pets, assist with transportation needs and notification of family when requested.  We are always looking for people with a willingness to help a neighbor in need.  Medical background is not required as we train you until you are comfortable and ready.

First responders maintain the highest standards of ethical conduct, respecting and maintaining the privacy of residents and abide by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and Texas Good Samaritan Laws. 

Funding is achieved through various fund raising efforts, one of which is the famous Milk Can Dinner held in March each year and selling of aluminum cans, along with donations from individuals so thank you ACC for your continued support.    

The RED ENVELOPE program is available to everyone at no charge and is very valuable during a medical emergency. The purpose of the envelope program is so that EMS and Fire Department personnel have quick access to medical information if the patient is unable to speak. Simply complete the medical information sheet, place it in the red envelope and keep it on your refrigerator for easy access. You may pick up your envelope in the office. If you have filled out the form in the past, now is a good time to update your information in case your medication or contact information has changed.

Chairperson: Eric Danielson
[email protected]
 (715) 381-3823

Updated 5/7/2021

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