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RV and Travel

Meet 1st Monday of each month, 9:00 AM

November – March

Big Hall in theClubhouse

Annual Dues $5.00/person
All you need to belong is a suitcase or RV and a spirit to travel and have fun. 

We take short trips, (3 or 4 days) and numerous day trips.
We sponsor several functions during the year with the proceeds going to events for Club members.

Contact: Maurice “MO” & Mary Guffey - 956-283-1342


RV and Travel Club Schedule 2019-2020

Jan. 22 Wed.        VIP  Zoo  Tour                       8:00
Jan.30 Thurs.       SPI Indoor Kite Festival         6:30
Feb. 3  Mon.        Mtg. Big Hall                         9:00
Feb. 15 Sat.         La Sal Del Ray Lake Tour        8-1pm
Feb. 21 Fri.          Vipers Dinner & Game/Bus    5:30
Mar. 3   Mon         Mtg. Big Hall                         9:00

Mar. 4 Wed.         VIP  Zoo Tour                         8:00

Mar. 20 Fri.         Hawaiian Luau                       5:00
Mar. 30 Mo.         Riverside Boat Tour & Lunch   11:00

Apr. 1.              Happy Trails                              5:00


               SEPT. 14-18, 2020
2021 PANAMA CRUISE                                 OCT.14-NOV. 7, 2021

Updated JAN. 20,2020

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