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PPRC Committee

Committees, Clubs, and Groups with a charter (found below) follow the policy on Committees, Clubs, and Groups which contains the common to all governing features.

Purpose: PPRC supports the board of directors by assisting and advising the Board in the
review and approval of all ACC common property-related projects. Its purpose includes
planning for future, long range sustainability with respect to common property.

Welcome to the PPRC Webpage. Our first posting is as of 1 October 2019. In addition to posting PPRC business here, we will continue to post minutes on the Rec Center Bulletin Board.

Committee Member                    Contact Information

Tom Blair                                     (314) 306-3885
Chairperson                                 [email protected]

Jerry Addie                                  (715) 827-2220
Board Liaison                               [email protected]

Page last edited: 03/20/2023

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