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Bean Bag Toss

At the 10 February Annual Meeting, ACC homeowners approved a 2020 budget that funds a new venue for Bean Bag Toss on Santa Anna Drive. Our intent is to clean and repaint several unused shuffleboard courts with a non-slip surface and add multiple distance markings to support players of differing skill levels. The new venue will include a collocated storage shed for bean bag target boards, bags, and scoreboards.

Use of bean bag equipment is free with the only requirement being that players return the equipment to the storage shed after use.

Two complete competition sets are currently stored in the shuffleboard shed to support open play by residents. The shuffleboard shed key is available at the ACC guard shack.

Please let me know if you want to continue Monday morning play at the Pavilion until the new Bean Bag venue is ready for play.

POC is Barry Nolde: [email protected]
Updated February 11, 2020