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8 am
In the View Room

Wear comfortable loose clothing.
Learn to relax and breathe more deeply.

We practice gentle yoga listening to audio classes that have been chosen especially for their gentle approach.

Do only the movements that work for your own body. Everyone can easily customize this class to their own physical limitations.  You are encouraged to modify or substitute movements with your own favorite stretches and/or physical therapy exercises your body needs. 

Bring a mat and you may also want to bring towels to use for padding under your knees or neck for your personal comfort.  Some like to cover up with a blanket or towel at the end of the session for the cool down and relaxation.
Avoid eating just before class.

Gentle Stretching Increases Flexibility
Deep Breathing Expands Lung Capacity
Relaxation Provides a Calming Effect

Perfection is not necessary, as you will benefit from just trying each posture.

Kathy Dunning
Class Leader
[email protected]

Updated April 28, 2019