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Community Fund

The Community Fund consists of four programs as outlined below. 

Helping Hands Program 
This program has been around for a long time but at this point needs new recruits. The Helping Hands Program serves as a point of contact for homeowners who need assistance. The contact person will take a call requesting assistance and one or more volunteers will be dispatched to the homeowner in need. This service includes arranging transportation to medical appointments and assistance getting connected with regional governmental agencies and NGOs that provide services for seniors. 
Contact: Susan Freisleben, (602) 684-1631, [email protected] 
LJ Gioeni, (210) 772-0748, [email protected] 

Food Box and Meals Program 
In coordination with the Helping Hands Program, volunteers prepare meals for individual homeowners who are unable to cook for themselves. Also, volunteers periodically assemble and deliver donated and purchased food to homeowners and staff members who need basic food assistance. 
Contact: LJ Gioeni, (210) 772-0748, [email protected] 
Diane Parker, (956) 878-7421, [email protected] 

Neighbors 4 Neighbors Program 
A membership organization of individual homeowners who identify and respond to situations that might need attention. A recent example was the Spring Cleaning Event. During the week of March 25th, a rollout dumpster was rented and placed on Rebecca Street. Homeowners were encouraged to use the dumpster to dispose of unwanted items during their spring cleaning. 
Contact: Mark Dray, (763) 458-0904, [email protected]
Jim Gerry, (630) 464-4622, [email protected] 

Staff Appreciation Program 
This program provides financial resources to support staff functions. Food and beverages are provided as part of holiday luncheons, staff training, and meetings. This program also sponsors the Employee Children’s Christmas gift event and the Employees’ Christmas gift debit cards. Contact: Barb Bledsoe, (956) 530-2408, [email protected] 
Terry Glandon, (915) 491-0162, [email protected] 

The charter is attached below.

Homeowners are encouraged to volunteer for or contribute to a variety of activities for the wellbeing of our community and staff members. Donations are gratefully accepted. Checks should be made out to the Community Fund. Donations may be delivered or mailed to Terry Glandon, 904 Palm Drive, Alamo, TX 78516.

A presentation via Zoom was held on June 10, 2024.  Click on the link to view the recording =>
Revised June 10, 2024

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