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Solar Committee

• The Solar Committee has the following members: Dave Milne, Chairperson, Dave Stutelberg, BOD Treasurer, Bob Dawson and Dick Baldner, BOD member.
• The Solar Committee was formed at the request of the Board of Directors after a presentation on a club house solar option was presented to the Board by Self Reliant Solar, a local solar design and supply firm. The Board wanted to look into what options we might have both in regard to solar systems and also possible financing options.
• The Committee goal was to make a report and hopefully a recommendation to the BOD by the November meeting.
• The Committee has been holding conference call meetings several times a month for the past few months, and is actively looking into a number of options. Recently, The Committee has expanded the research to possibly consider the entire ACC electrical usage and not just the club house.

Committee Member                Contact Information

David Milne                              956-529-9793
Chairperson                             [email protected]

Richard Baldner                         612-309-8158
Board Liaison                            [email protected]

Updated: 5/22/2021

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