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Pavillion Committee

Maintain and beautify the Pavilion.

Lynn Clark has recently handed over the reins of the Friends of the Pavillion Committee to Neil and Pam King, Rick and Sue Gorsage and Charlie and LaDonna Vaughn. She has done an outstanding job for over ten years in maintaining and upgrading this wonderful asset to our community. We thank her for her dedication! If you don’t know, the Pavillion is a place for you to host small or large gatherings. You can reserve online or in the office. There are tables and chairs that can also be used. There is no cost to use the facility but a locked donation box is located at the pavillion or you can see any of the aforementioned members to donate. This money helps to continue the maintenance and beautification of the pavillion. Stay tuned for more information on the annual Watermelon Thump Golf Tournament and Hot Dog Dinner on July 4th!

Pam King               210-683-8803 [email protected]
Sue Gorsage          817-929-3723 [email protected]
LaDonna Vaughn    830-708-0133 [email protected]


Updated: 3/13/2023

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