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Friends of the Lucy Street Pavilion

The Pavilion is located on Lucy Drive and is open all year. 

The Pavilion was built and funded by volunteers.  All maintenance and improvements continue to be made possible through volunteers and generous donations of both time and money.  It does not receive money through monthly dues or assessments. 

There is no charge to use this facility, however, donations to help pay for ongoing maintenance and improvements is encouraged and very much appreciated.  There is a "little red box' located at the Pavilion for your donation, or you may contact Lynn Clark on Lucy Drive.  

This facility has several amenities:

It is ADA approved to include parking and restrooms

Plenty of parking to accommodate both golf carts and cars

There is a good supply of tables and chairs as well as picnic tables

A  fire pit

A gas grill

A horseshoe court

Plus several other outside games

Reservations MUST be made with the office to confirm your date and time to insure there are no other conflicts. 

We encourage fun at this facility ! 


revised 03-05-15