ACC acknowledges its members sickness or death by noting the information on the Activities bulletin board in the Club House hallway and in the mail area. We also send a greeting to the member or surviving spouse.


It also acknowledges deaths of family members (mother, father, daughter, son, sister or brother.)


It relies on ACC membes to report any of the above information to the Sunshine Lady (CeCe Boecker).


Former residents sickness or death may also be noted on the bulletin board in the Club House.






In the event of an ACC Member's death, the Bereavement Committee will provide home made goodies, coffee and iced tea at a reception at ACC, if the family so desires. There is no cost for this service.


The Bereavement Committee calls on ACC members to bake goodies (cookies or bars), and if you would be willing to bake for a fellow member, please call a Committee member: CeCe Boecker, Dorothy Gates, or Pat Koliba to add your name to our list. We don't call on you too often! Thanks!



CeCe Boecker