Nature Park

The ACC Nature Park began as a dream in the summer of 2005 when several ACC members decided to cover an unsightly drainage ditch. After a landscape plan using native plants was approved by the Board of Directors in the spring of 2006, the first stage of development was begun. Each year, we have added new projects and planted more native plants. Native plants were chosen because of wildlife they attract, their drought tolerance and their natural beauty. Birds and butterflies abound in the Nature Park.

We have raised over $50,000 and put in countless hours of volunteer time to plant and maintain the Nature Park. Highlights of the Nature Park include: the Memory Plaza, Gazebo, Cactus Garden, the Gratitude Garden with a waterfall and multiple gardens of native flowers.

Although the Nature Park is a community-wide project, there is a dedicated group of hands-on, hand-working supporters called "Friends of the Nature Park. Membership is free and open to everyone. Filling out a membership form will get you on the Nature Park email list that provides consistent updates and opportunities to volunteer. There are both inside and outside jobs so everyone can get involved. Join us today!